Valiant Women of History

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Valiant Women of History100.jpg

Valiant Women of History


Bold, brilliant and brave. The women who fought for women's right to vote inspired this gradient purple mini skein set.

This mini skein set moves slowly from a light and inquisitive lilac to a stalwart dusky deep purple over six shades of mini skeins. With each mini skein yielding approximately 92 yards, you have a total yardage of 552 yards that won't leave you feeling boxed in by pattern choices.

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Base: Prime (Fingering, 4-ply)
75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon
Mini Skein: Approx 92 yards, 20 grams each
6 mini skein colors = 552 total yards per set

Style: Semi-Solid / Tonal 

All of my yarn is hand dyed and every effort was taken to ensure that the color in the picture is representative of the actual skein. As a hand dyed yarn, however, every skein of yarn will be slightly different than the original, even within the same batch. Please note that monitor colors vary.

This yarn is machine washable in cool water on a gentle cycle or in a lingerie bag, air dry. Hand washing is recommended to extend the life of the yarn.

All yarn is washed and rinsed but some mild bleeding may occur. I encourage you to wash your yarn by itself the first time. 

All items are created in a smoke-free and pet-free home.

Skein Size/Base

Shawl Pattern Suggestions:

This colorway was inspired by the brave people who led the way for women to have the vote, but there are so many great women that can be celebrated from all walks of life. Inspired by the book, "Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls", I couldn't help but match my pattern suggestions with women of history.

Monarch Butterfly Shawl by Paulina Popiolek for Maria Sibylla Merian who investigated insects and made paintings of the different phases of a caterpillar to a butterfly (before they thought they just emerged from the ground);
Fly Free by Kate Poe for Amelia Earhart who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean;
Starburst Pi Shawl by Mindy Vasil for Wang Zhenyi who was found a rational explanation for a lunar eclipse;
Sea Songs by Nim Teasdale for Sylvia Earle who has studied the deep ocean and the life and ecology of the great deep;
Traveling Woman by Liz Abinante for Nellie Bly who, aside from being a great investigative journalist, traveled around the world in less time that the popular novel of the day "Around the World in Eighty Days";
Dendrology Shawl by verybusymonkey for Wanfari Maathai who fought back against the Kenyan government's clearing of trees by starting a local movement of women growing and planting their own trees, fourty million trees. She won a Nobel Peace Prize for that bit of awesome; 
Vamping by Jennifer Dassau for Nina Simone who wrote and sang soulful jazz songs that shed light to the ugliness of racism and gave hope and strength to those suffering from the effects
Antarktis by Janina Kallio  for the Cholita Climbers who left their mountaineer base camp kitchens in their bright and colorful skirts to climb mountains and peaks; 
Melodia by Janina Kallio for Xian Zhang who, at the age of twenty, took charge of Central Opera House in Beijing as a respected orchestra conductor;
Imagine When by Joji Locatelli for Kate Sheppard who collected signatures for the longest petition ever presented to her legislators and helped win the right to vote for women in New Zealand; 
Wendy's Fern by Princesse Grenouille for Ameenah Gurib-Fakim who did extensive study of plants and was later elected President of Mauritius (my geography is a little rusty, but the Google tells me this is a tiny island of the coast of Madagascar);