Miss Fisher's Pearl Handled Pistol

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Miss Fisher's Pearl Handled Pistol


Miss Phryne Fisher is a lady detective hard on the case of the town's latest murder! She is fashionably dressed and quick witted, a smart, independent woman from the 1920's.  Just as she enters the hideout of the killer, she pulls her pearl handled pistol from her garter holster. This smokey purple colorway will make you feel flirtatious, yet well in control of the situation! 

See below for FEATURED PROJECTS knit in this colorway and links to PATTERN SUGGESTIONS!

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Base: Prime (Fingering, 4-ply)
75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon
Full Skein: Approx. 460 yards, 100 grams
Mini Skein: Approx 50 yards, 12 grams

Base: Lavish (Sport, 8-ply)
100% Superwash Merino
Approx. 271 yards, 100 grams

Base: Lustrous (Fingering, 4-ply)
50% Silk, 50% Merino
Approx. 435 yards, 100 grams

Base: Lace (2-ply)
80% Superwash Merino, 20% Silk
Approx. 873 yards, 100 grams

Style: Semi-Solid / Tonal

All of my yarn is hand dyed and every effort was taken to ensure that the color in the picture is representative of the actual skein. As a hand dyed yarn, however, every skein of yarn will be slightly different than the original, even within the same batch. Please note that monitor colors vary.

This yarn is machine washable in cool water on a gentle cycle or in a lingerie bag, air dry. Hand washing is recommended to extend the life of the yarn.

All yarn is washed and rinsed but some mild bleeding may occur. I encourage you to wash your yarn by itself the first time. 

All items are created in a smoke-free home.

Skein Size/Base
This yarn is gorgeous!! Can’t wait to knit with it.
— Kathy Agusta


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