Sarah from Imagined Landscapes  (the woman who introduced me to the amazing pomball) and I decided to put our prairie heads together to find a way to explore our love for the landscape we know so well. The big, changeable sky. The textures in the fields. The colors shifting through the seasons. The surprising nooks hiding in the valleys. The slow, patient rivers.

Our project has a few phases:
1) We’ve narrowed down a pool of photos (so hard to do!). You vote on your favorite through the end of August.
2) In September I will design a yarn colorway from the winning photo. Perhaps a shade of color will inspire me, or the feeling of the image. Who knows what will happen?
3) Once it’s shipped to Sarah, she will design a one-skein accessory also inspired by the photo. Hat? Cowl? Shawl? Gloves? The picture and the yarn will call the shots! She then publishes the pattern after test knitters work out any kinks, hopefully before November.

Now it's your turn to vote! Which picture of the prairie speaks to you?