Sweater Pattern Indecision

Just as one crazy fiber event ends, another takes its place. Fresh off my victory of Tour de Fleece, Ravellenics loomed and I wondered if I could pull off plying and dyeing in time to start knitting a sweater for the upcoming event on Friday. Turns out that my ability to do the work far outweighs my ability to make pattern decisions this time.

After I was done celebrating that all of my fiber had been spun into singles, I kicked my weary feet up and basked in the glory of a job well done. I didn't rest for long though as I was so excited to see the yarn plyed. I took about a week and a half to finish plying all of the yarn and it started to look like I could cast on a sweater for Ravellenics (Go Team Sasquatch). 

The yarn has been dyed a lovely sage green that I have been dreaming about for weeks now. I have been seeing myself snuggled in fuzzy cables come winter. I can feel the softness of this cardigan as the snow flies outside my window as I huddle over my tea cup for warmth, but for the life of me I can't get a good look at the sweater of my dreams. I know what it feels like, but the style of cables, the detail on the edging is so vauge.

I wanted a raglan sleeve, open front cardigan with a cable detail down the back and maybe some detail on the edging. I wanted to work it top down and I wanted someone to bring me lemon shortbread cookies and tea as I knit it. Apparently that was asking too much!

Currently the plan is to knit the Elda Cardigan by Vera Sanon. This cardi doesn't have a cabled back detail, but I decided that it could be easily inserted. Little did I know just how picky I am about cable selection. (eyeroll) 

My trusted pattern partner in crime, Susie, brought me all of her cable resource books. I felt like James Bond picking out his weapons for the mission. "This one is too bulky. That one is not powerful enough. This one is too complicated." I decided on a cable stitch pattern, but (in typical Danie style) wanted to change it. Let's make it bigger and get rid of some detail that would only get lost in my yarn. I stayed up until midnight rewritting a larger pattern and finally decided that I should just find a pattern I liked on another project and transfer the cable pattern. 

On previous trips down the rabbit hole of Ravelry, I came across the perfect cable detail. I was sure I had saved it...but I was wrong. I spent over an hour this morning searching through 44 pattern search pages looking for that needle in the haystack, but couldn't find it. Perhaps it was a project page I was looking at and not the original pattern. 

Feeling defeated, I picked up the pattern book and took another look. I had new ideas about what I wanted and saw the patterns in a new perspective. I have hopefully decided on a cable pattern. I will spend today swatching the cable to be sure it is the "right choice". At this point, I either need to solidify my cable needs or just go with what I've got.