Tour de Fleece: Week 3

This is the last week of Tour de Fleece. The madness continues through Sunday and then it is over. I am left with the odd feeling that I am forgetting something. What did I do before I spent every waking moment thinking about spinning? Something with sticks.... 

The last week has had its ups and downs. I started out feeling that there was no way I could finish my goal of spinning 1.9 pounds of fiber in 22 days after a few days of sickness had me out of commission, but as the week progressed and I got a few days of above average spinning, I started to wonder how close to my goal I was. I took out the calendar and the calculator as the deciders of my fate. 

I concluded that if I could spin 5-6 ounces over the weekend, then that would set me up for a daily average of 1.5 ounces the remaining days of the tour. This is a challenging daily average but certainly not unachievable. Currently this Wednesday morning, I have 8 balls left with 5 days left of spinning. With a little focus I could crush this. 


However, adding to the excitement of the last week are all kinds of real world responsibilities. Sometimes I forget that I am actually playing a made-up game until I talk to non-spinners who look at me as though I have lost my mind. (Excuse me non-fiber-artisty-person, but you just took your first walk in the neighborhood park thanks to Pokémon so you don't get to look at me like that.) (Also, what a great way to get my kids to go for a walk! It is the urban equivalent to geocaching.) Point being, it's only weird if you aren't playing. To all of us treadling with the speed of a hummingbird (you know, if it had legs that could treadle) and spinning until our fiber has worn grooves in our fingers, this is a very real competition that requires dedication and stamina. But sometimes the real world pops that bubble you have around your fibery goals and you remember that it is just a game.

My mom had neck surgery on Tuesday so my spinning time was only 15 minutes (nowhere near an ounce and a half). I will go sit with her later this week when she returns home in case she needs anything, but wouldn't be surprised if she napped most of the day so am taking my wheel. Additionally we are in the process of adding a new four-legged family member (no details yet lest I jinx it, but as soon as things are finalized I will post the mandatory pet selfie on Instagram). So the house needs to be reorganized for new needs and the appropriate pet care items must be purchased. The captain of those missions being (you guessed it) me. 

While the remaining few days of Tour de Fleece is uncertain, I am very pleased with my success thus far. If I don't end up finishing due to the time I took sitting with my mom or welcoming a new pet to our home, that is a defeat that I can certainly live with. I like to push myself to learn new things, tackle a big challenge, or focus on a skill that I want to expand on, but not at the expense of the things that really matter. Knitting and spinning will always be there when I return. I love that about our fiber craft. During busy times in our life (new baby, new job, moving) we may not tend our skills with as much devoted focus, but it is always there for us in times of stress and in times of quiet reflection. When we are ready, our knitting will be right where we left it. The knit and the purl will not have changed. The spinning wheel may need oil and our technique may be a bit rusty, but our muscles and our mind remembers as the fiber glides through our hands.