Tour de Fleece: Week 2

The first week of Tour de Fleece was rocky. I don't know why the family continues to look at me every night when asking the "What's for supper?" question. Far as I am concerned you can all have cereal for supper.  Cereal: the official supper of Tour de Fleece!

I did manage to keep up my goal of spinning one ounce until Friday.

Friday I felt very poorly and kept to bed. I did spin only enough to cover the wood of a new bobbin and then shuffled back to bed (a valiant effort). Saturday I tried to recover my lack of spinning by spinning extra in short bursts, but ended up wearing myself out. I should have just let my body rest. Sunday I did let my body rest and did not spin anything, which felt terrible.

I didn't want to give up on this idea of spinning for a sweater. I usually only pull my wheel out to go to my local spinning meet up, but I want so much more from my spinning. I could go into all the reasons I don't get around to spinning at home, but the point is that I wish I did more spinning. I have been enjoying it, waking up in the morning to make a cup of tea and then spinning just a few minutes while the sun streams in the front window. It is magical. It sets me up for a good day the way starting out with a bit of yoga does (I'm so sorry Adriene that it has been so long, but you see, I have this spinning wheel in my living room taking up the small amount of Danie spaced laying room....)


I don't want to give up on this dream either. I have this dream in my head where I spin my first sweater quantity of yarn and it is lovely. It is squishy and soft and just the kind of thing that you want to snuggle up in. I can see myself wearing this open front cardigan to the fall farmer's market, holding my cup of tea to keep my hands warm and picking out a croissant for breakfast. I can see myself wearing it to Rhinebeck, standing in line for apple cider doughnuts. Someone comes up to me and compliments me on my cardigan and I say, "Thank you, I spun the yarn myself." And then we talk about how great knitting and spinning are for the whole of humanity and laugh together as friends. She walks away and I smile to myself because I feel accomplished and proud. Not in a conceded way, but in a truly awed way, like you can't believe you did it even though if your friend said she was going to you would would be all, "Giiiiirl, of COURSE you can spin and knit your own sweater!"

I know that mathematically I may not make my goal. When July 24th comes around, I may still have some fiber left over, but I am not going to give up. I am still going to try to spin an ounce a day. My health may not let me, but that's ok. I need to listen to my body and take care of myself, but I won't just throw in the towel. I will continue on as best I can and at the end I will still have more fiber than I have ever spun before. That alone is an achievement I can be very proud of.