Tour de Fleece Strategery

The summer is starting to zoom now. How do I know? I'm scrambling to decide what to do for Tour de Fleece again. It is fast approaching and I haven't even started to strategize. Why am I never able to look ahead in knitting? At least this year I am planning before the starting day when I see everyone post their amazing fibers on Instagram. 

I seem to jump in for Tour de Fleece every year, even if I'm not planning on it. Some years it was the only time I used my spinning wheel at all. This year though, I have a HUGE bag of fiber, a sweater quantity (hopefully) of a Corriedale/Polypay cross from a sheep named Bucky that came from a farm near here, Ewe and Us. I'm staring at that big bag of beautiful right now and after spinning up a swatch, I am ready to run away to the woods of northern Canada (where I can only hope it is cooler and I can live among the wildlife as one of their own) and spin quietly day and night until I have them all spun into little bobbins of amazing sproingy singles of awesomeness. My love for this runs deep and I'm already wanting to start talking to Ewe and Us for my next fleece...

However, as excited as I was, I failed to note how close the Tour de Fleece was getting. I kept thinking of the Tour de Fleece as a far into the future. It was a "someday" time frame I was dealing with in my mind. (You know. As in, "Someday I'll get back to running.") It is inching ever closer as I type this, can you feel it? The Tour de Fleece is a spinning event where spinners are encouraged to set goals for themselves and work on them during the Tour de France bike race. Some spinners go for speed and try to spin as much as they can over the course of the race. Others use the time to challenge themselves to learn a new technique. Last year I believe, was the year I challenged myself to learn to spin a long draw (which for those of you non-spinners is the scariest of spinning to those who haven't done it and is easily recognizable by the long hand motions used). 


This year I knew I wanted to spin my sweater quantity, not finish the singles, but just to really focus on it and pull out the wheel more than just on Wednesday evenings when I escape the house as an adult, off to talk to other adults of the world in real life (they are actually standing in front of you talking in real time). Yet I still have my beautiful silk/yak gradient yarn to finish before I can start my Bucky fiber. If I had another week, I could have it done. If I stayed up all night peddling I could have it done by the start of Tour de Fleece. 

I know if I don't finish spinning the yak/silk singles, I will regret it. My spinning is an ever evolving journey and long breaks in between spinning result in a different single. So I will revise my original challenge to spin my Bucky fiber and set the goal to spin as much as I can during the race. 

Do you spin for Tour de Fleece? What are your goals? I'll be spinning for Team Sasquatch again this year, come join us!