Preemptive Sleeve Disgust

Here I find myself again. I knew it would come to this. I told myself that I was up to the task. As my cardigan gets longer and I near the bottom hem, the realization starts to sink in that I will eventually have to knit these sleeves if I want to wear my "finished" cardigan to Rhinebeck this fall. But what does "finished" really mean anyway. Doesn't it just mean that I'm done with it? There are certainly objects that haven't been completed that I would consider "finished". Can I come around to the idea of knitting sleeves?

My Mother's Day Rhinebeck sweater is zooming along. Being knit in the round with plans to steek it helps keep the pattern fly by and I am more likely to pick it up if I feel I can put it down in the middle of a row (as when I'm using circulars). I'm on the last pattern chart and things are going well, though I did decide to center my eyelets differently than the chart suggested. 

I am switching needles to knit the bottom hem and I can feel my lip start to curl with disgust when I think of the sleeves that need knitting. To be honest, it's not that I hate knitting's just that I'm not in a sleeve knitting place right now. But in order to get the cozy cardi I had envisioned, this thing will require sleeves. So the question then becomes, "How do I get myself in a sleeve-knitting mood?"

I could take a page from Jasmin of The Knitmore Girls and eat cake while I knit the sleeves, but I'm afraid I would make myself sick. That's a lot of cake. Tacos? I'm afraid there are not enough tacos in the local area to support this kind of reward system.

Perhaps I could knit the sleeves while watching a certain TV show. That idea shows promise, but I've caught up with all of my favorites and have found myself in the deepest of showholes. Watching every season of Project Runway on Hulu is my current background noise, but sleeves require something more gripping to pull me through the end of an episode. 

I could tell myself that I'm making this molehill into a mountain. It's just sleeves... It's just a long tube that goes on for half of eternity (and only half of eternity because the other half is reserved for the other sleeve). I can imagine myself growing older as I knit these sleeves. Rip-Van-Winkle style, I will sit under my tree and knit on these sleeves as the world goes by around me. Somehow I still end up with a beard...(harumph).

I still have time to finish these sleeves before October. I will ease my way into them. Like a child, my first reaction is to declare dramatically that it CANNOT be done. I then I slowly acknowledge that it in fact can be done, but hold firm in my idea that it won't be done by ME. As I cool down, I realize that it's really no big deal and just get on with it. This is my knitterly journey, glad you could join me.