The "other" crafts

Lately I've felt a little guilty talking about anything but knitting and the occasional spinning on this blog, but NO MORE! I plan to leave this blog open to my creative pursuits, whatever art they might be in because at the end of the day we are all crafters. We are all seeking an outlet for our mind's need to bring something to life. We are all in need of a quiet moment of the mind (whether we know it or not). We are all in want of something to hold up and say, "Look! I made this."

I know that the vast majority of you are here because you are knitters. I also know that some of you don't care about my sewing. I say to you, "That's ok," You don't have to care. You don't have to read my sewing blog posts. I'll never know and there is no quiz at the end. 

Why do I feel pressure to keep my other crafts from you? Other podcasters with knitting themed shows tell me of their cross-stitch, a craft that I did as a child but have NO desire to take up as an adult. I don't care about cross-stitching, but I love to see how Commuter Knitter Jen's multiple year cross-stitch project of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo is coming. I don't quilt (yet), but I love to see Heather Brum's cool and modern quilts take shape. I don't have to want to do these crafts in order to care about them because I am a maker and I appreciate the time that goes in and the peace of mind that results. I love seeing their progress.

So here I stand, just a girl in a me-made dress, telling you that I love to knit but I love other crafts too. I will bring you my journey and you can take it or leave it as you need with no explanation necessary. Sometimes it is good to take a look outside of our own box and see what other people are doing. After all, that's how I got started knitting and we all know how that turned out.