Even a taco stitch marker can't save this sweater!

I have a great sweater on the needles. It is practical, flattering, and an interesting construction.  Trouble is, I haven't picked it up since....maybe November. Why would I let a sweater I was so excited about slip through my fingers into Neverland (not the one where boys never grow up, but the Knitting Neverland where WIPs never get finished)? 

I knew this sweater would be different. First of all, it is knit across from the cuff of one sleeve to the other, then picked up around the body and knit down from there. I couldn't get the right gauge, which required me to create a very complicated excel spreadsheet in order to recalculate. And while I cast on with enthusiasm, I quickly lost steam. 

Maybe I just wasn't in a head space to work on a project that would likely have to be pulled back for small tweaks (as any new construction is bound to need). Perhaps I just wasn't in a sweater knitting mood. No, I really like knitting sweaters, I don't think that was it. I tried moving it to my favorite project bag and using my coveted taco stitch marker, but to no avail. 

Taco stitch marker from  SucreSucreMinatures  

Taco stitch marker from SucreSucreMinatures 

My motivation on this sweater can't be rekindled. I don't want to fight through this project (I'm not even close to half way through the sweater). My knitting time, as those with small children will relate to, is not easy to come by so I don't feel the need to knit on something I'm not in love with. It is time to move on from this project.

I would still like to knit this sweater. The good thing about knitting is that when the timing is off, when the project just isn't right for where you are in your life at the moment, you can always come back to it. A knitting pattern won't fault you for that.