Live the Moment or Capture the Moment?


If you are looking for a great picture filled blog post of all the great people I met at the Knitting Pipeline retreat, the great vendors, and the goings on, you are about to be sorely disappointed. Wait...WAIT! Don't leave just yet. I have a great reason...well, one great reason and one good excuse. If you leave now you will always wonder what they were. Always. 

So why would a gal who loves her fancy DSLR camera give it a look while packing and decide to leave it at home? It's what I like to call the Mom-Photo Paradox. As a mom of three kids I like to try to grab pictures when I can of everyday real moments (we had a pear pancake breakfast), lifetime achievements (the time the kids made a snowman bigger than they were), and family togetherness. The thing is, looking back at those pictures of my family, I'm not in them. I'm not in the picture. 

And what's more, I'm not IN the moment. I've removed myself from the fun to look in with my camera. While I don't mind doing that every once in a while to document our lives, I do ask myself if a picture is important or the memory. Do you want to remember that the lighting wasn't right so you had to use an ISO you don't like to use in order to get the lighting right or do you want to put down the camera and remember how her dimple showed in her smile when you brought out the birthday cake? It is a fine line. Sometimes I do pick up the camera and sometimes I don't. Some situations call for it an others not. 

When I went to the Knitting Pipeline retreat, I decided to leave the camera at home. I didn't want to lug around a camera and then feel like I had to take pictures. I wanted to talk and to knit and to laugh. I did all of those things without feeling the need to interrupt the moment. 

You may be asking me through the power of telepathy, "Danie, why didn't you take pictures on your camera phone?"  I could tell you that my phone's camera is terrible, which it is, but to be honest (here's the excuse part), I completely forgot. I do this every trip. I say I will take pictures and then I don't.  I feel bad not bringing you with me by posting on Instagram because I would like to share, but I was having too much fun getting to know people and it didn't cross my mind. The weekend retreat went so fast. I blinked and it was gone. 

Before I knew it, the market was over. I was taking down my table when I realized sadly that I hadn't taken pictures with the wonderful people I had met. I hadn't exchanged information. I had no record of our conversations that made us laugh out loud  and nearly spit out our coffee or reminders of that silly dance we did. They were gone.

In the end, I could have balanced the two a little better. I wish I would have taken more pictures this weekend, but I did have a great time enjoying the moment.