A Case of the Summer Yellows

Originally, this was going to be a post on how to find your motivation to finish projects in these hot summer months, but let's be honest, that would be a hackneyed cliche of the blind leading the blind right now. Summer is really and truly here and I feel like I can't finish anything. I think it is a case of the Summer Yellows. 

You know all about the Winter Blues. You feel sad and sloth-like because the warmth of the blanket is just too comforting to leave. You huddle next to your warm cup of tea hoping to get the feeling back in your fingers. You sit and knit to stay warm... and because there's nothing outside but snow and windshields that need scraping. Finished objects fly off your needles as kids lose mittens, dads ask for hats to keep ears warm and your partner bargains household chores for hand knitted socks (and if this isn't happening in your house, it should be).

In contrast, the Summer Yellows has you stripping off your clothes on the way to the pool (don't worry, I won't tell anyone about THAT tattoo <wink>). You stay out later now that the sun is up and  frolic.




is shiny, 


and sparkly. 

You buy yarn for the winter months when you know you will need a pick-me-up. You cast on all the things because no one can tell YOU what do (No, sir)! All of your grand knitting plans and resolutions you thoughtfully crafted in January to help you grow as a knitter and as a human being are scattered by the dusty roadside as you hop in your Thelma and Louise convertible for a weekend fiber retreat! 

So NO WONDER I don't have anything finished besides a few beer cozies. That explains the adrenaline pumping urge to cast on shawls in every needle size. I suddenly don't feel bad about those knitting goals I've conveniently forgotten. Let's say I lost them in glare of that big bright sun. 

If I learned one thing from Auntie Mame, it's to get out there and LIVE, so let's not worry about finished objects today. Most of the stuff we are knitting we won't be able to wear until it cools down anyway. Buy that cheery yarn to remind you come wintertime that the sun will come around again. Cast on all the things if you want to. Embrace that willful spirit of Summer and cast on something challenging because you aren't scared of knitting failure in the warmth of the sun!  

Are you being hit by the Summer Yellows? Tell me about it. I can relate.