One Twisted Adventure

It's like nothing  you've ever seen or knit with before! This yarn is for those of you that are seeking a sock knitting adventure. Are you up for anything? I mean really? Cause I'm not taking anyone who is going to start crying half way through this ride. Ok, then let me show you the next fun thing in sock knitting.

One Twisted Tree's Twist yarn is a collection of colorways that are specifically designed to create a unique experience for each sock knitter. This yarn could create a pooling zigzag or send uniform stripes swirling around the leg depending on your gauge, needle size and number of stitches you use for your sock. You might as well you use this as your fingerprint. The Twist yarns are dyed using the same technique so once you find a patterning you like, you can expect that all other Twist colorways will have the same type of effect if knit the same way.



Take a look at the two cozies I knit.

I knit both of these cozies using the same skein of One Twisted Summer but with totally different results. Just one needle size and two stitches difference results in a very different patterning effect. But this is just my personal experiment with the Twist. I said everyone is different so let's see some other examples.


On the left is a sock knit by Emily (of the Knitting Butterflies podcast) using the colorway Late Night Light Brite.  On the right is a sock in progress by Jen (of The Commuter Knitter podcast) in the same colorway. Again, two very different results! 

(For further comparison, Emily's is washed and has been worn while Jen's sock is the yarn pre-washed and pre-worn.)

So for those of you brave enough to take your sock knitting on an Indian Jones kind of adventure (minus the snakes of course), let's get started! What do you do with a yarn that is so wild and crazy? Anything you want. This is a choose your own level of crazy kind of adventure.

Would you like to take the beginner's route to the top of the lookout that has clearly marked trails, a handrail and a gentle grade? Nothing wrong with that! Try a simple sock pattern like Vanilla Latte, Swirl E. Socks, or your favorite stockinette sock and watch the colors reveal themselves.

Or are you looking for an intensified adventure? Are you the kind of person that looks at the expert hiking trail with no clear markings and a steep grade with obstacles to scramble over and think, "I wonder where this leads?" Then you are  the kind of person who should mix it up. Crazy pattern + crazy colorway = epic sock glory! Hermione's Everyday Socks or Monkey socks would certainly give you a sock like no one else's. 

So I invite the bold and audacious sock knitters to try the Twist series and see what your personal sock pattern looks like!