New Website, New Goals

I have been considering what to post for my first blog for weeks now and it just hasn't felt right until today. It's best that you know right away who I am and what I stand for. 

If you are a subscriber to my email updates, I consider you my people.  I speak more frankly and feel like I can drop the stuffy, professional business format and just send a note to a friend

That said, I don't usually share publicly what I send in a newsletter, but I have received such an overwhelming response to this one and I felt it was important enough to share. 


Now that I have launched the new website, I want you to
think about One Twisted Tree differently.


My hope is that with this new website you don't have to be a stealth ninja to get my yarn. I want you to hear about a colorway and be able to come to the website in your own time and buy it. I don't want you to have to set an alarm to buy my yarn (though I appreciate your past efforts). I am working toward a shop where you can come and peruse with a cup of coffee and make a selection rather than buy in a Black Friday frenzy as you may have in the past. Today, I want you to look around and make your thoughtful decisions.

The goal is not to sell out but to keep the yarn you want in stock and ready for your next project. Granted, I am only one person and you are all very enthusiastic so it might take some time, but that's what I want for you and what I'm working towards. There are over 100 skeins for you in shop today and I am dyeing more this morning.

Not everyone needs yarn right now (yup, I'm an indie dyer and I just said that), but I hope that you will consider me when you do need yarn for your next project. Maybe it's a sweater you have in mind that needs subtle color variation in a really spectacular color. I want you to think of me for interesting techniques and colors. 

I want to give you quality products and great customer service. This is why I wash my yarn before I sell it to you, so I can see if any skeins are bleeding and pull any skeins that are not good enough. This is why I give you my email address, so you can contact me! If you aren't happy with a purchase, if you have a question, or if you just want to say hello; drop me a line! I am on the other side of that email and I will email you back! If you get my newsletter email and reply back, it doesn't go to an auto-bot or a customer service department, it comes directly to my inbox. I love to hear what you think, your thoughts, your ideas, so please don't hesitate to share. 

Maybe it goes against the grain to speak so frankly with you about my new business model, but you are my people and I want you to know what to expect from me, my products, my service, and my brand. I'm not trying to pull one over on you and pressure you into a sale. Having great products is only one half of the equation, treating my customers right is the other. I value you. You can take your business anywhere, so I am truly honored when you chose to buy my yarn and bags, and having so many of you come back time and again is an even greater privilege! I thank you!

I ask you now to check out our new home at and look around so that when you are ready for another purchase you might consider One Twisted Tree.