Gift Knitting?

Another December is upon us and I find myself in the same place as last year. "I'm not going to knit any last minute gifts." I tried to fit in a few last minute knit gifts last year and I felt like a factory worker. Yet, here I am trying to knit as fast as I can. I started to plan out gifts for different people for the holidays as if I didn't have enough on my plate. I hadn't even started to tackle my gift shopping yet!

Maybe just a quick hat for dad. See, my dad has a bald head and he occasionally works out in the snow. I worry about him getting cold. I did just knit the Keuka Hat pattern by Kerri Blumer for my husband and it would look great on my dad in a dark grey color. 


Speaking of my husband, he has been not so subtly begging me to knit him another pair of socks. I have the toe started but I have a pair of KAL socks to finish before I start to work on his. He's always so helpful and supportive. He really deserves some handknit socks. 

And grandma. I knit her a lap blanket last weekend but thought I could knit her a Bluebird of Happiness to hang in her room. My grandma loves birds and I have a perfect blue that would bring her cheer. 


So you see my dilemma? These aren't just gifts to knit. These are gifts that only I can make for them in colors I've hand selected for each of them. I have thought about how useful this gift would be to this person. It's not as easy to just go buy something for someone once you have identified a perfect knit gift match. Sure I could go get my dad a hat from a department store, but it wouldn't mean the same to him as it would if I had knit it. 

So I guess I'll keep on knitting and see what I can get done. I won't push myself to stay up all hours of the night and knit. I won't stay home and knit while my family goes out to enjoy the season. But I will see if I can make a few things for the people I love. And the people I love? They won't mind if they don't get that handmade gift until January anyway.