Eventually I got it right and started to turn other doodles into project bags. After making one for a friend, she suggested I start selling them. It didn't occur to me that other people might want my bags.  I started a small online shop with a few project bag designs and sold out bags quickly! While I still do project bags now and again, I don't do them as often because the designs take a lot of work to draw in a way that will work with the sewing techniques I use. Hopefully you will see bags from me now and again.


The yarn dyeing came very slowly and naturally.  When I knit a project, I usually have a very specific color I'm thinking of. If I couldn't find the color, I would dye it myself. As I got more comfortable with dyeing, I started to experiment with techniques that would produce different shades, and blends of color. I started to think of ways to dye yarn differently to achieve the knitted project. I tried new things.  Some worked, some didn't, but I learned from all of my efforts.


Today, I take the same inspiration of knitting projects to inspire colors. I become influenced by flowers and animals. I am motivated by the beautiful knitted objects you can create!

For more information on what inspires me and a behind-the-scenes look at the One Twisted Tree shop, follow my blog! To purchase the bags or yarn you've read about, head to *Shop Now*!


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